Come to train, play, or to have the kids burn off some energy!
ALL AGES are welcome at open gym. 

During our open gym sessions, you get to roam about our 19,000 square foot facility. No registration required, always walk-in!

Drop by any of the following times for an open gym session:

  • Monday-Thursday, 8-9 pm   -  $10 per person

  • Tuesday/Wednesday, 12-1 pm (instructor present)  -  $10 per person

  • Friday, 7-9 pm (instructor present)  -  $15 per person

  • Saturday, 2-4 pm (instructor present)  -  $15 per person

  • Tuesday/Wednesday Homeschool hours, 12-1 pm -   $10 per person

Bounce on our trampolines, utilize our 4 spring floors, balance on our beams, and flip on our bars to your heart's content. Emilia's makes a great space for playdates with the pals!

We ask that children under 5 have a parent/guardian on the floor with them during open gym to ensure their safety.



Anyone and everyone are welcome to Open Gym, there is no age limit for who can participate.

Open gym is a great option for parties and playdates without the hassle of booking a Birthday Party or trying to find a safe and wide-open space to allow your kids to let out some energy.

No prior registration is needed, Open Gym is always walk-in during the days and times listed above!

UNLIMITED Monthly Open Gym Pass!

If you can't get enough open gym time, this pass is for you! 

For $69.99, you can have access to UNLIMITED open gyms for 1 month. You can purchase your pass on any date throughout the month -- for example, a pass purchased September 6 will expire AFTER October 6.

Unlimited truly means unlimited! There are NO restrictions on the amount of open gyms you can come to with this pass. 

Register online by clicking the button below, or at the front desk when you're here at the gym.