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 Frequently Asked Questions 

Rec. Class Questions

  1. Make-Up Policy

    1. Each child gets 2 makeup classes per 8-week session. You can schedule your makeup class online through the parent portal by submitting a "Makeup Request", or by contacting our office staff -- makeups can take place ANY TIME during the same 8-week session that the class was missed, but cannot be made up outside of the session dates. Careful scheduling! If you need to reschedule a previously scheduled makeup, you must CANCEL your previously scheduled makeup class at least 24 hours before the makeup class start-time. Otherwise, the makeup class cannot be rescheduled.

  2. What do I do when the 8-week session ends?

    1. Enrollments for each student roll over from session to session (like a subscription, so you do not have to re-enroll every 8 weeks). We send billing emails during the final week of the session -- at this point, you MUST either:

      1. Log into your Parent Portal account to pay your balance.

      2. Email our office to request:

        1. A one-time payment with your card on file

        2. Canceling your classes for the upcoming session

  3. How do I schedule a free trial class?

    1. Create your Parent Portal account and add your kids as students on your account, select a specific class listing under “Booking”, and click the “Request a Trial” button. If the day/time option you are interested in shows "Request a Waitlist" click that button and leave a comment in the box that you would like to do a trial instead of the waitlist and we will override it for you and send you a confirmation email.

  4. What is the cost of classes?

    1. Class prices vary based on the age and skills of our students, as well as the type of enrollment you choose (session or flex pass). Class tuition is on an 8-week session basis, meaning you are paying for 8 classes/per enrollment. Please see class price breakdown below​

      1. Toddlers (walking-2yrs): $180/8 weeks, $200/flex pass​

      2. Preschool (3-4yrs): $190/8 weeks, $210/flex pass

      3. Gym Stars (5-6yrs): $190/8 weeks, $210/flex pass

      4. Beginner Gymnastics / Tumbling (7+yrs): $195/8 weeks, $215/flex pass

      5. Tumbling 1 / Gymnastics 1(skill-based): $205/8 weeks, $225/flex pass

      6. Tumbling 2 / Gymnastics 2 (skill-based): $210/8 weeks, $230/flex pass

      7. Adult Gymnastics (18+yrs): $195/8 weeks, $215/flex pass

      8. GYM SKILLS - All-inclusive activity for children with neurological or physical disabilities    (3-6yrs & 7+ yrs) $225/8 weeks, $245/flex pass

  5. What's difference between 8-week session classes and flex pass classes?

    1. 8-week session enrollments have class on a set day/time that you attend on a weekly basis for the session.​

    2. Flex pass is an option where you are purchasing 8 classes that are scheduled individually with our office staff. This option is especially convenient for families with demanding schedules. You have an entire year to use your 8 flex classes! Careful scheduling! If you need to reschedule a previously scheduled flex class, you must CANCEL your previously scheduled flex class at least 24 hours before the flex class start-time. Otherwise, the flex class cannot be rescheduled.

  6. What if a class I’m interested in is full?

    1. Through the Parent Portal, you can request to be on our WAITLIST for a full class. Once a spot has opened up in the waitlisted class, you will receive a call and email offering you the spot. Once there is a spot available for you, you must register to begin on one of the upcoming 2 classes. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of the call, we move onto the next person on the waitlist.

  7. What holidays is your gym closed?

    1. Memorial Day (just Monday - open Saturday/Sunday)

    2. 4th of July

    3. Labor Day (just Monday - open Saturday/Sunday)

    4. Thanksgiving day (open all surrounding days)

    5. December 24-January 1 (closed for classes... but, check out our winter break camp!)

  8. Are there options for one-on-one lessons?

    1. Yes, many of our coaches are available for Private Lessons! Our coaches schedule their own Private Lessons and set their own rates. You may reach out to the main office for the coach's phone numbers or speak to them in person to get pricing info and to schedule a lesson.​

    2. Private Lesson payments are made directly to the front office, coordination for the lessons are made through the coaches.

  9. Do I have to register in advance for open gym?

    1. Nope, open gym is always walk-in and is open to anyone and everyone, not just those enrolled in our other programs!​

  10. What should I bring to my trial class?

    1. Students should be dressed in comfortable/flexible clothing (no jeans/skirts/etc).​

    2. Long hair should be tied back.

    3. Students should bring a water bottle with a sealable lid.

  11. How do I re-enroll in classes?

    1. You may re-enroll at any time, simply login to your Parent Portal account and choose which class you would like to enroll in. Your cost will be prorated depending on the date you choose to start based on where we are in the current 8-week session.​​​​

  12. What if my child is sick?

    1. If your child is sick DO NOT bring them to class. Please reference our make-up policy above for information on rescheduling classes.​

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